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Episode 7

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Kylee Stone

A descendant of the Wakka Wakka and Kulluli First Nations People, Kylee is a consummate storyteller embracing indigenous wisdom to transform the way we think, listen, live and lead.

Her mission is to unlock the hidden potential of emerging leaders with the transformative power of deep listening. Ignite your passion. Grow your influence. Amplify the impact you have in the world.

Where is the Profit in your Purpose, Passion and Potential?

Join me on today’s episode as Darren Woolley, Founder & Global CEO of Trinity P3 Marketing Management Consultants, shares how  five-principles of turning your purpose into a thriving business can improve performance.

With a background as a medical scientist and a career in creative advertising, Darren and his team have developed a qualitative and quantitative approach to measuring marketing, media and advertising with the intention of maximising performance.

His purpose is simple: to help people achieve commercial purpose through creative process. Follow TrinityP3 on Instagram.

Ignite Your Passion. Text Kylee Stone +61-434-079-807, book a consultation online, check out our transformational programs at The Performance Code and follow The Uncharted Leader on Instagram.

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The Uncharted LeaderEpisode 7