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Host Mundanara Bayles is guided by Aboriginal Terms of Reference which is the accumulated knowledge that Aboriginal people developed over the tens of thousands of years of living in this land, now known as Australia.

Relationships are at the core of Aboriginal Culture and Society and in our whole history of living in this country we never invaded our neighbours.

An Aboriginal Terms of Reference introduction is based on “Who you are and not what you do”, this way of introduction has been practiced by Aboriginal people since the first sunrise. From an Aboriginal perspective this way of introduction reinforces our humaness, we are much more than our job titles.

Bradley Gimbert is a proud Aboriginal man with ancestral ties to the Wailwan mob, and through his adoptive father, also to the Barkindji mob. He has grown up in several suburbs of Western Sydney and identifies proudly with his culture.

As a child, Brad faced much adversity and quickly became aware of the prejudice our people face, with his father losing their family home and being forced into bankruptcy off the back end of bad advice. It was at this point, brad understood the harsh reality our people face, which is that no one is coming to save us, and no-one is going to create the life we want, for us. In fact the opposite is true – If we want something different for our future, it is up to us to create that change

Growing up Bradley sought to be more than his circumstances and wanted desperately to escape the negatives stigmas being placed on our people. Which is why Brad, made it his obligation to help put our people in a better position, starting with his parents. Who he moved out of housing commission by purchasing them a home which they now reside in. Through property investing, Brad was able to change his circumstances and mould the life he wanted for himself & his mob.

Brad started Indigenous Wealth as a means to equip our people with the tools needed to venture into property investing. His experience in residential property and firsthand experience, having his own portfolio and assisting with over 200 million in property for clients throughout his career, brings a great deal of knowledge and expertise. Now Brad has reached a significant milestone in helping other mob purchase property and create sustainable change in our community, including myself! We talk about all this and more on Episode #84. Don’t miss it!

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The Black Magic Woman Podcast is hosted by Mundanara Bayles and is an uplifting conversational style program featuring mainly Aboriginal guests and explores issues of importance to Aboriginal people and communities.  Mundanara is guided by Aboriginal Terms of Reference and focusses more on who people are rather than on what they do.

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