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Kristal Kinsela is the supplier diversity expert who’s done it all before. A published author, trusted advisor to leading global organisations and descendant of both the Jawoyn and Wiradjuri nations, Kristal brings lived experience and over 18 years of business expertise to every partnership.

Bianca is Founder and Managing Director of International Indigenous social enterprise, Warida Wholistic Wellness. She is a strong Badimaya (Badimia) / Ukrainian woman, who is a centred and purpose-driven healer, facilitator, coach, international best selling co-author, and change maker. She is mum to Savannah and Orson and is a qualified mental health practitioner focusing on supporting people who have experienced complex trauma.

Bianca founded Warida to counteract people’s experiences in the mental health system of being disempowered. She empowers a diversity of women to reconnect with their inner fire, embrace healing on their own terms, and support economic empowerment through entrepreneurial support.

Bianca simultaneously works to change systems that continue to create this imbalance. In her life’s work and early PhD research, she is exploring Ngardi Guwanda (deep listening), Indigenous Healing and lived experiences of plural communities (DID), hoping that the exploration can continue to create awareness, instigate change, and provide a platform for the voices of disadvantaged / vulnerable people with lived experiences to be heard.

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