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Episode 29

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Hosted by
Kylee Stone

A descendant of the Wakka Wakka and Kulluli First Nations People, Kylee is a consummate storyteller embracing indigenous wisdom to transform the way we think, listen, live and lead.

Her mission is to unlock the hidden potential of emerging leaders with the transformative power of deep listening. Ignite your passion. Grow your influence. Amplify the impact you have in the world.

Caring deeply about what you do and the people you serve while surrounding yourself with people who encourage you to back yourself are some of the key ingredients to advancing your dreams and building a business you love – that’s what you get when you meet Daniel Hakim!

Daniel is the Founder and CEO of the Club of United Business, Australia’s fastest growing community of established entrepreneurs and business leaders!

When it came time for entering the business world, Daniel decided to do it in service of the people he understood and idolised the most, business owners. Coupling his passion and knowledge of business from his father with the importance of family and community from his mother, CUB – a community for business owners, was born!

Join me on today’s episode as Daniel shares his story growing up in a family of business and witnessing first-hand the difficulty of the journey and his passion for providing an environment where entrepreneurs have a place to belong to help them through their journey and work together to assist in each other’s ambitions.

“A leader is someone who leads people to success and is confident enough to do it!” – Daniel

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