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Episode 13

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Kylee Stone

A descendant of the Wakka Wakka and Kulluli First Nations People, Kylee is a consummate storyteller embracing indigenous wisdom to transform the way we think, listen, live and lead.

Her mission is to unlock the hidden potential of emerging leaders with the transformative power of deep listening. Ignite your passion. Grow your influence. Amplify the impact you have in the world.

What does having humility and forgiveness in leadership have to do with digital disruption and innovation?

Join me on today’s episode as Helen Souness, CEO of RMIT Online, shares her passion for inspiring women to pursue a career in STEM and bringing forgivensss and humility into leadership as a driver of creativity and creating a culture of innovation.

Helen has more than 20 years experience in digital strategy, marketing and product across market-leading enterprises such as  Seek, Lonely Planet, Envato and Etsy.

Helen is one of 17% of female CEOs in Australia and is spearheading the universities portfolio of online programs aimed at shaping the evolving nature of the workforce to ensure staff have the skills required to stay relevant in the technically advanced Industry 4.0. Change the way you think about studying and visit RMITOnline.

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The Uncharted LeaderEpisode 13