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Episode 11

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Host Mundanara Bayles is guided by Aboriginal Terms of Reference which is the accumulated knowledge that Aboriginal people developed over the tens of thousands of years of living in this land, now known as Australia.

Relationships are at the core of Aboriginal Culture and Society and in our whole history of living in this country we never invaded our neighbours.

An Aboriginal Terms of Reference introduction is based on “Who you are and not what you do”, this way of introduction has been practiced by Aboriginal people since the first sunrise. From an Aboriginal perspective this way of introduction reinforces our humaness, we are much more than our job titles.

Dr Mary Graham Associate Adjunct Professor School of Political Science and
International Studies, University of Queensland and recently awarded an
Honourary Doctorate at QUT for her lifetime commitment to Scholarship and
Community. Dr Graham has been a dedicated lecturer with the University of
Queensland teaching Aboriginal history, politics and comparative philosophy. 
Dr Graham has also lectured nationally on these subjects, and taught 
core university subjects with Dr Lilla Watson in the 1980’s at UQ. Courses such as ‘Aboriginal Perspectives’, ‘Aboriginal Approaches to Knowledge’ and at the post-graduation level ‘Aboriginal Politics’.

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