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Host Mundanara Bayles is guided by Aboriginal Terms of Reference which is the accumulated knowledge that Aboriginal people developed over the tens of thousands of years of living in this land, now known as Australia.

Relationships are at the core of Aboriginal Culture and Society and in our whole history of living in this country we never invaded our neighbours.

An Aboriginal Terms of Reference introduction is based on “Who you are and not what you do”, this way of introduction has been practiced by Aboriginal people since the first sunrise. From an Aboriginal perspective this way of introduction reinforces our humaness, we are much more than our job titles.

On episode 75 of the podcast I yarn with my good friend Erin Woolford.

Erin is a Kuyani Arrernte woman and multi-award-winning Aboriginal Affairs specialist with 25 years’ experience across the for-purpose, Aboriginal community controlled, corporate, academic, government and professional services sectors working within regional, remote and metropolitan communities.

Erin’s specialisation is in community and economic development, policy reform, strategy co-design, development of reconciliation action plans, governance, consultation and negotiations, and leading large transformation projects.

A few of Erin’s career achievements include winning the Gladys Elphick Regional Award for active contribution to Aboriginal communities and initiating positive change to the lives of others, the PwC Australia Diversity and Inclusion Award for development and implementation of the firms first Elevate RA in 2019 and winner of the SACOME’s Exceptional Woman in South Australian Resources in 2015.

What a deadly yarn we had on the deck, surrounded by the lush greenery here at my home on kabi kabi country, Sunshine Coast. Please feel free to share, rate and review! Would love to hear from you! xx

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The Black Magic Woman Podcast is hosted by Mundanara Bayles and is an uplifting conversational style program featuring mainly Aboriginal guests and explores issues of importance to Aboriginal people and communities.  Mundanara is guided by Aboriginal Terms of Reference and focusses more on who people are rather than on what they do.

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