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Episode 49

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Kylee Stone

A descendant of the Wakka Wakka and Kulluli First Nations People, Kylee is a consummate storyteller embracing indigenous wisdom to transform the way we think, listen, live and lead.

Her mission is to unlock the hidden potential of emerging leaders with the transformative power of deep listening. Ignite your passion. Grow your influence. Amplify the impact you have in the world.

Are you taking the actions you know to take when it comes to achieving your goals? Are you really doing everything it takes, to get the results you want? What if there was something miraculous waiting for you on the other side of taking action that you could not even imagine right now?

In 2020 Steve Hui was listed as one of Linkedin In’s Top 20 Voices. He’s a well-known identity across the media and the industry, regularly seen on Australian TV, newspapers, magazines and interviews, sharing his 10 year of experience understanding what points members really want from their programs.

Steve is the Founder and CEO of iFLYflat, an Australian reward points travel company that helps select small business clients with strategies to fly Business class on points and transform their travel lifestyle.

Join me as I talk with Steve about his experience in existing a corporate role with Macquarie Bank in the middle of the GFC without any idea of what he was going to do next, how his first-ever experience of business travel set him on a direction he never expected, how he and his team have successfully navigated the massive disruption in the travel industry by focusing on the obvious opportunities and his tips for how to get the experience of travel when you can’t physically get where you’d rather be.

With a background in Finance, it’s no surprise Steve says the secret to success lies in the detail and, in the case of rewards points, understanding the maths behind the points helps you to realise just what you’re missing out on and when that happens you’d clearly kick yourself for not having taken action sooner – and rewards points is not the only area where that applies!

Amplify the Impact You Have in the World.

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The Uncharted LeaderEpisode 49