Forgive and Forget

Episode 5

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We’ve now met all four of our storytellers, but the competition has only just begun to heat up. This episode we see the return of Kate and Mark as they share a story on the theme Forgive and Forget.

Mark takes us back to the early 2000s, when Australian Idol was the beating heart of this nation’s popular culture. He speaks with one contestant whose wings were rising to the height of success and fame, before a twist of fate brought them crashing down.

Kate’s break up story continues, as she turns to musical artist, Parissa Tosif from the band Valis Alps, to learn how they use their art to forgive and forget. She unexpectedly stumbles upon the reason as to why she always struggled with forgiveness.

Find and Tell is the search for the next generation of Australian storytellers. Each episode, join host Jamila Rizvi and the best up and coming storytellers the country has to offer. 

Follow along each Wednesday to find out who will be crowned the Find And Tell champion and take home the grand prize.

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Find and TellEpisode 5