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Episode 2

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Kylee Stone

A descendant of the Wakka Wakka and Kulluli First Nations People, Kylee is a consummate storyteller embracing indigenous wisdom to transform the way we think, listen, live and lead.

Her mission is to unlock the hidden potential of emerging leaders with the transformative power of deep listening. Ignite your passion. Grow your influence. Amplify the impact you have in the world.

Arianne and Natasha Ritz are Co-Founders of ARNA Online – an online retail business selling women’s work and laptop bags, with a purpose-driven mission to help women make bold decisions.

Ari works full-time in the marketing solutions team at Linked In helping Universities and Education providers drive enrolments. She’s a Co-Lead on Women@Linked In, leading workshops that empower women to be their authentic selves.

Natasha has worked in marketing and communications for over a decade, from launching a cosmetics business with her dad to an in-house brand and marketing role at LUSH Cosmetics, working for a tech startup called Parcelpoint and now pursuing her passion with ARNA to realise her vision ‘to change the stories see and tell about ourselves”.

Join me on today’s episode to hear about their journey launching a side-hustle business in their living room while both working full time in deadline-driven start-up environments.

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