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Episode 19

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Kristal Kinsela is the supplier diversity expert who’s done it all before. A published author, trusted advisor to leading global organisations and descendant of both the Jawoyn and Wiradjuri nations, Kristal brings lived experience and over 18 years of business expertise to every partnership.

Pat was born creative, a skill he has expertly applied in product creation and life cycle management across his career working with brands including Harris Scarfe, Vili’s Family Bakery, Hyundai and Aboriginal Health Council.

Pat’s family background is of an Eastern Arrernte person whose connection to country and community was disrupted by his mother’s removal in Alice Springs in the mid-1950s. Despite this event, he strongly identifies as both a person of Eastern Arrernte background and the Sultan family.

Pat has spent 20 years reconnecting to his roots, taking his children, communities, and clients on a profound journey of knowledge sharing and reflection, and encouraging us all to embrace all facets of our unique identities.

Through We Create Print Deliver, an advertising and business agency he founded in 2015, Pat is building a legacy that honours his cross-cultural identity.

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